Axial Flux Generator


In this page, we show how we have built a small axial flux generator. We also show some pictures about it's electrical behavior.


We have found a lot of information on the web, but we were also a bit disapointed about the very many informations that are just bullshit.

At the end of our work, we want to point here to some some cool locations, that provide well thought and scientifically based information.


Well then, let's start!


Some reflections we did before starting

Mechanical Stuff

The Stator or coils, coils, coils

The Rotors or magnets, magnets, magnets

Mount the whole system


Tests and results

Future Work

The list below shows what we intend to do in the very near future


Any comments and suggestions are welcome. You may write to medard at jfam dot ch or jan dot jfam dot ch or frederik dot jfam dot ch